Hello World

We will need some time to set this blog up and to write our first real post. Read where you can get information about us in the meantime!

Hello World

First of all, we would like to welcome everybody to this new blog! We created it in our endeavor to provide better insights into the technical process behind developing our projects, the related infrastructure, the protocols and all the different, internal aspects of creating projects like JustChunks.

So please feel invited to tag along on our journey. We plan to add posts about different technologies that we use and how we implemented them at JustChunks from time to time, so please consider adding this blog to your bookmarks!

While we would really like to start with blogging right away, we are currently buried with lots of stuff to do, to prepare JustChunks for its beta and release. That means, we won't be able to to post here, for a few more weeks.

In the meantime, we recommend you to closely watch our regular twitter posts at @JustChunks. We post updates on the progress of the project once a week, every Saturday 19:00 CET (sadly only in German for now):

You might also be interested in our tech-stack. We do our best to keep it updated, but due to the rapid nature of development, it might not represent the exact state in that very moment.

JustChunks - Scrayos UG (haftungsbeschränkt) Tech Stack
JavaScript, Python, Git, jQuery, and Node.js are some of the popular tools that JustChunks uses. Learn more about the Language, Utilities, DevOps, and Business Tools in Scrayos UG (haftungsbeschränkt)’s Tech Stack.
Visit us on StackShare!

We also have an official Discord server for JustChunks. Get in touch with the community, discuss our new features and read more about the social part of our journey!

Join the JustChunks Discord Server!
Check out the JustChunks community on Discord - hang out with 103 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.
Join our official JustChunks Discord Server!

Either ways, we'd like to thank you for your interest and we would love to see you here in the future, once we've written our first blog posts! Stay tuned and feel free to leave us a follow at Twitter!